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After some turbulent business setbacks last year, ECS has now renewed its strength and re-entered the marketplace with more diverse offerings, great people, and a reimagined path to success. Many companies faced challenging times over the past 3 years, and ECS Virtual Support had its share, too. After record-breaking growth in 2021, ECS faced some difficult and unexpected roadblocks in 2022. It soon became apparent that ECS would need to make some major changes to stay afloat, but how and when was the right time?

Decision Time

In true ECS fashion, Saiday and Esther Mulbah put their dilemma to a company vote:

  • Do we continue on the same path and risk continued setbacks?


  • Do we step back, stop operations long enough to regroup, and relaunch?

The majority decided, and ECS made the difficult decision to pull the stop lever in mid-2022, with the caveat that it would be back better than ever.

This was obviously no easy choice, and this operational decision affected everyone on the team. Some were content and able to wait as ECS regrouped, and some had to find new job opportunities in the interim. As commonly happens, a few people vented about their job loss online, denting ECS’s online reputation in the process.

At this point, many companies would have just given up – but that route was just not an option for ECS Virtual Support, and it didn’t fit Saiday or Esther Mulbah’s conscience or vision of the future.

What Makes ECS Different?

It became apparent during the next few months of whirlwind activity that ECS is driven by a strong determination to overcome adversity, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the will to make things right. As ECS re-launches itself with a fresh strategy, it is important to understand what makes this company so resilient.

Trees with strong root systems don’t topple easily. That rooted anchor for ECS is Esther Mulbah, the founder of Esther’s Customer Support (now ECS), and the company matriarch – affectionately called “Momma Mulbah” by many of the early employees. Although sometimes quiet, Esther is one of those people who when she speaks – you had better listen - because you are guaranteed to learn something!

A shrewd businesswoman in her own right, Esther didn’t have an easy path. She came to the U.S. as a refugee from war-torn Liberia at age 22, alone. Her host family did not come to the airport, and she was left to navigate a new city and culture, with very few dollars in her pocket.

With a worldview like Esther’s, and a talent like Saiday’s – as well as the wonderful team they had gathered, ECS wasn’t going to stay down for long, and when the comeback happened, Saiday’s first priority was to offer jobs back to those that lost them.

The Big Comeback

While the momentum slowed down for a time, the wheels never stopped turning, and ECS is proud to announce it is back as ECS Virtual 2.0 – and better than ever!

Some important changes have taken place to ensure stability and continued growth:

  • Expanded administrative team that is experienced with operations, legal requirements, compliance and ethics, and quality control as well as other areas. These team members will be able to support our growth and meet the needs of our large client base and the ECS team.

  • New tech and software support. We have implemented a new applicant tracking software (ATS), a new customer relationship management (CRM), as well as supporting programs for analytics, communication, and file sharing and storage.

  • New clients and lines of business. The job market is rapidly changing, and ECS is now ready to lead the way as we provide what companies want and need!

Promises Kept

Saiday has led the comeback charge by first contacting all former ECS agents to begin onboarding for ECS 2.0 before initiating any outside hiring campaigns. Many valued ECS employees are back, and the excitement is contagious! Some were ready to take on greater challenges and have been promoted to new roles.

The moment we have all been waiting for is here – and ECS has never been more ready.

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