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Meet The Team

Saiday .png

Saiday Mulbah

Founder & CEO

Esther Mulbah.png

Esther Mulbah



Sherry Torrice

HR & Chief Happy Officer

Bethanie Chauvin.bmp

Bethanie Chauvin

Director of Information Technology


Brandie Howell

Executive Assistant


Tavarse Green

Chief Investment Relations Officer

With over 15 years of experience in the consulting and investment sectors, I understand access's critical role in scaling healthy businesses. Strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships are essential for future business success. Leadership decisions impact stakeholders, so the non-zero-sum approach in competitive environments determines the haves and have-nots.

Dan Bates

Tech Support Representative


Tiffanie Messina

Executive Assistant


Brittany Maxey

HR Administrator

Brittany Maxey has been excelling in the Human Resources administrative assistant role and has accumulated nearly a decade of experience as an administrative assistant. Her extensive background showcases her dedication and expertise in providing exceptional support and ensuring smooth operations within the HR department.


Chris Arnold

Chief Growth Officer


Peter Flanagan

Marketing Manager

Kathy Spohn.jpg

Kathy Spohn

HR Facilitator

I have been a Human Resources Specialist for five years, and I love working with people, training them, and meeting with them to help solve their problems. Now, I am doing onboarding sessions to help people work from home.


Jamal Key

HR Facilitator

I am the HR Facilitator here at ECS Virtual Support 2.0.  My interpersonal communications strengths and public capabilities help me to have better  engagement and active listening practices. With my proven expertise in innovative problem-  solving, task management, organizational, and leadership skills, I'm a great asset to a company  looking for a hard-working, dedicated, self-determined professional. Therefore, I am a great fit to  make a positive impact with a growth mindset.

La'Mya Thompson.bmp

La'Mya Thompson

HR Administrator

I am here to help candidates through the onboarding process, and handle clericals. I have 10 years experience in administration, and 7 years in supervision. Let’s continue to elevate.

Chase Keskinyan.bmp

Chase Keskinyan

New Client Acquisition Manager

Matt Braun.bmp

Matt Braun

Director of Business Intelligence

Join The Team

ECS is an innovative, industry-leading organization redefining workforce solutions. We offer flexible work schedules in various industries. Looking for your next career or earning some additional income? Put your talents to work.

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